Sophie Apécéchéa

Sophie Apécéchéa would expose her work during the Brabandt 1998 year no less than three times. Each time with mostly different work and another way of exposing. She begins with simply hanging her newest photowork on the walls. To get an idea of what is visible, it's important to know that photography is used as an autonomous medium. The works spring forth from her impulsive workdrive and weren't, or were hardly at all, rationally constructed. For this new work she has again hardly left her house. We will show images of tableaus and still lifes which are visible in many a house, but through her approach of the medium originates an intimate atmosphere. Later that year she will show video and filmprojections and an
installation with photos and projections.



Esther Bruggink


Her work consists of spatial images, installations with filmprojetion and stories. In all these cases the point of beginning is the fairytale like dreamworld that lies hidden behind the reality of every day life and her crosspoints with this reality. In her spatial work she often uses light, vulnurable material, like sugar, paper and wax. In this way fragle, almost transparant images evolve thus having a link with filmprojections, considering that film for her is equal to sculpture, made from the most fragile of all materials, viz. light.
The stories she writes evoke images in ones head consisting of only illusionairy material. With these 'transparant' images and stories she wants to show the transition from our material world to the non-material world behind it, a world of dreams and ideas. The gates to this world are sought in everyday life.
Thus she has taken the spots on the floor in de Cacaofabriek as a starting point for her work. In the installation she made, these become the 'map of a deamworld'.










Her work is the result of an attitude and way of thinking which are continuosly present, with as a source the abundant load of free images of everyday life through advertisement, pictures, tv scenes, shopping bags etc.
With as a tool diferent media, the images are weighed agains each other. Each image can be useful on a certain moment and at the same time wishful to be part of an enscened and composed communion tableau; what the canvasses really are essentially. The moments, who have their own intrinsical language and intensity, can be layered on top of each other, evolve in each other, cover or oppose each other, exist semi dependantly or get in an pictorial war - but at no point they evolve into an anecdote. This, together with a preference for stereotypes makes her work highly propositional. The transparant field shows the layered approach and makes the illusionised perspectives back to paint. Hard, abrupt cuts of fragments seem to make the moments less unique, create distance and speed and oppose 'artificiality'. In the installation 'WHAT'S COOKIN' the canvasses are approached as fragments in such a way as them evolving into a unity with space again. The expostion opens Sunday afteroon on 5th of april, the 3 artists will also be present in de cacaofabriek on 19th of april.

ophie Apécéchéa:


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